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Curriculum Vitae

Professional Summary

Falasha Culpepper Zuend  is an expert public health consultant with almost a decade of experience in community public health working on International and National programs. Falasha’s programming work focuses on hard to reach populations and program development in culturally competent, evidence-based initiatives.

Falasha Zuend’s consultant experience has been cross-sectoral working with government, non-profit and private sector industry leaders in the United States and Europe to transform the health care landscape by being at the forefront of public health communications. She is skilled at leveraging community-based outreach and social media campaigns to create successful targeted and measurable health outcomes. Falasha has demonstrated her ability to use millennial-driven research, social media, and online grassroots campaigns to drive measurable public health outcomes.

Falasha continues to pursue her passion for Public Health, most recently on a campaign to raise awareness around maternal and family healthy lifestyles for all communities. As a Public Health Consultant and Content Creator Falasha has been dedicated to raising awareness around women’s health issues and focusing on bringing positive images of African American (Black) families, women of color, and Black women. 


Program Development  Content Strategy  Program Management     Campaign Management    Branding   Public Speaking 
Social Media 
  Events Content    Fundraising    Creative Initiatives

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