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Best Apps for NGO's (Mostly Free) in 2020

Updated: May 27, 2020

The 5 Best Apps (and Websites) For NGO's, Non-Profit Organizations and Small Businesses in 2020. All of these apps are free to access and will allow your organization to work effectively and save time!

Team Gantt is a great resource for any organization looking to streamline project deliverables. Gantt Charts are a great way to track metrics and can be used to demonstrate the efficiency of staff and to share with your board members. If you do not mind the watermark this is great for small teams.

Later is a popular app amongst bloggers and people in the digital space. There are paid options but for free you can manage one free social media profile and have push notifications to remind you when to post. By curating and planning content you can see what looks best and how your most engaging content is performing.

VolunteerMatch has a simple premise but it is important to NGO's and Non-profit Organizations. VolunteerMatch allows volunteers to do a search query based on their interests and find organizations that they can support. Adding an organization to VolunteerMatch can help support programs and events.

Fiverr is everyone's secret assistant. Fiverr offers small services for low prices, usually starting at $5. This is a great resource if you want to elevate your website or need support with more technical aspects of designing your logo but cannot figure it out or do not have time. Proceed with caution, sometimes you get what you pay for and are better going to someone locally.

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