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Creating sustainable public health intervention.
The digital way.

Falasha Zuend

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This is me

I am an experienced Program Manager and Content Creator with a demonstrated history of working in the online communications and non-profit organization management industry. With approximately 10 years of experience I have been creating accessible content for Millennials, Gen Z consumers, and People of Color to create inclusive and successful campaigns for hard-to-reach populations. 

Program Development  Social Media  Campaign Management  Branding Content Strategy  Program Implementation Evidence-Based Solutions Events Content    Fundraising  Creative Initiatives  Metrics and Evaluations 

I help companies
and NGOs build inclusive programs and initiatives online.

Falasha Culpepper Zuend is an expert public health consultant with almost a decade of experience in community public health working on International and National programs. Falasha’s programming work focuses on hard to reach populations and program development in culturally competent, evidence-based initiatives.

Clients &


Some of the creative public health collaborations and projects I have worked on with industry leaders to reach diverses populations utilizing social media and strategic programming. 

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